About Euro Win

Euro Win provides complete solutions to supply and installation of PVC-U windows.
we are specialized in all mechanisms of Pvc-U windows and doors systems. The Architecture objects on this website will help you to answer many of these questions.

-Provide you with the maximum levels of service with a team trained in the latest methods of customer service and analyze problems and find a solution suits you as soon as possible.
-Service level guarantee you an European specifications with the finest raw materials in our field All the raw materials available to us Turkish or German origin guarantee you maximum bearing in extreme working conditions in addition to fabrication and installation at the hands of some of the best engineers in this field .
-Offer you unusual solutions to the problems of dust, water leakage, noise and heat In addition to outstanding aesthetics our unites of Doors and Windows Euro Win Pvc-U.

Why You Trust Us??

A Specialization

By focusing on the products, which do not always get the attention in the architecture market in Egypt. And provide a selection of professional engineers in this area, providing raw materials tailored suit the atmosphere of the Middle East in general and Egyptian airspace, especially .

Complete Isolation Of The Dust

there several points which give us the complete isolation of the dust
1- The welds between the corners of frames & sashes .
2-Installation technology and the multiple locking points in the sections.
3- The epdm rubber is placed between packets and glass, sashes and the frames in case of turned sashes & dust inhibitors between sashes and the frames in case of sliding sashes beside lap profile between sashes.

Complete isolation of sound

1-Using advanced welding technologyBy insulating rubber epdm
2-Using different thickness of glass up to 22 mm
3-The possibility of installing glass Double injected with Argon gas to create vacuum which prevent the propagation of sound waves.

The possibility of washing with water.

Easily handle scratches because the colors are not paint but its the manufacture colors.

Beautiful shape & Warranty for 10 years against manufacturing defects